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About MAUI HackDays

.NET MAUI (was Xamarin) is a product that allows you to use .NET/C# to create native apps that will run across Android, iOS, and Windows. While there is always a learning curve when using a new product, MAUI HackDays make it easy for anyone who wants to learn cross-platform development in a supportive and friendly environment.

xamarinMAUI HackDays (previously Xamarin HackDays) were first conceived when Michael Ridland decided he wanted to share the Xamarin love. He brought together SSW, Australia’s leading .NET consultants, and a team of experts from around Australia to run the first Xamarin HackDay in Sydney on 21 June, 2014.

Interest in the event was high and the day produced excellent results. The morning kicked off with in-depth sessions from the experts and then in the afternoon attendees broke into teams and got to work building their own apps. Finally, the attendees shared what they had made, what they had learned, and any tips and tricks they’d uncovered while getting stuck into coding.

When the day was done, the attendees were all so excited about what they could build, and at SSW we deemed it a total success. SSW is doing it again, not just in Sydney, not just Australia, but all over the world. Want to be like Michael Ridland? Run one in your city.

To sign up for an event near you, or volunteer to run a day of your own, visit the Register page to see what’s happening in your area.